Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Restaurant Review: Egg Factory

Did you know that a restaurant exists in Bangalore where every preparation in the menu has egg!! Reviews indicated that it is a good place for a quick meal which was perfect because it was a busy day at work for my wife and we didn't have time for a long meal.

Egg Factory is located right behind Dewar Wines on St Marks road (opposite SBI). One can see the board from St Marks road itself. Parking, as usual, is a nightmare in that area so it is good to keep that into account.

It is a small restaurant with 10 to 12 tables and furnished in a spartan manner. Menu was very interesting. It was like a multilingual manual that comes with electronic products, a big page folded several times into manageable size and has contents in four different language. Very cool!

We ordered ice teas for us and found them to be not as lemony as we liked. Requested them to get some extra lime for us and that did the trick.

There are subs, omelettes, frittatas, pastas with cooked eggs in sauce, egg curry with rice ... the list is pretty long!! We ordered a frittata with zucchini and cilantro sauce and a penne pasta with desi sauce (tailored for indian palate i.e. spicy). Pasta sauce had cooked egg pieces in it. Both the entrees were served with a big slice of garlic bread. Advantages of small restaurant is that food comes piping hot on your table and sometimes that makes a lot of difference. We really enjoyed the food although frittata could be a bit thicker with chunkier vegetables in it.

For dessert, we had a variation of french toast stuffed with raisins and served hot with orange sauce on a sizzler plate. It was very nice (and very filling too).

Music is un-intrusive and service is prompt. Prices are very reasonable. We liked the place and will go again for a quick lunch. Thinking about it again, it would be a perfect place for a Sunday brunch!

All in all, thumbs up for egg factory.

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