Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Restaurant Review: Gangotree - Best Jalebies in Bangalore

I was born and brought up in MP where Jalebi and Poha breakfast is as ubiquitous as Idli/Vada and Dosa in Bangalore. In the morning, one could go to any sweet shop, wait for a few minutes and eat piping hot Jalebies. When I moved to Bangalore long time back, I found that though Jalebis are available in sweet shops, they were prepared some time back and served cold (like any other sweet in the sweet shop). I always longed for those piping hot Jalebies fried in Desi Ghee.

Almost 6 years back, I discovered Gangotree (Jyothi Nivas College road in Koramangala) in Bangalore and eating Jalebies in Bangalore was never the same again.

I like my Jalebies thin, crisp, small and fried a little longer so that they are crunchier. Thinner Jalebies absorb less syrup and hence are not too sweet. When one goes to a place like Gangotree, Jalebies can be customized to one's taste because they are being prepared on the spot. I have always found fascinating to watch the whole process. Check out the following video that I made.

There are several places that I know in Bangalore which make fresh Jalebies but in my opinion Gangotree is still the best. My only nit, they used to add saffron to the syrup which they don't seem to anymore, I really miss that!

If you know a place which can make better Jalebies than Gangotree, please let me know.

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