Friday, February 13, 2009

Aero India 2009

Every two years Bangaloreans are treated to a wonderful Air Show. Haven't been to past couple, I decided to check this one out. We didn't have the tickets and made the mistake of assuming that we can get the tickets at the Venue. When we reached the venue we didn't find the tickets but found the pointer to it.

The only option to not buying tickets was find the place on the sign board like these people did. Looking at them and the available space, we decided to make extra efforts and buy the tickets. The tickets were available on the Gate which is a bit of a drive away from the main road. Finally bought the tickets only for the airshow and got in. All this confusion resulted in us missing initial part of the show. Anyway, we caught the Sukhoi and Suryakirans Check them out.

This time there were no breathtaking maneuvers by Suryakiran. They used to make a heart and then a single plan would go through like an arrow and also no high speed crossovers. Also disappointing was the fact that choppers did not take off in the afternoon so we missed the chopper show which is actually pretty good.

Anyway, hopefully it will turn out to be better next time!!

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